Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joining the Secret Club?

Whenever I’m riding around town, I often enjoy reading other driver’s bumper stickers.  My theory is that there’s a correlation between a driver’s personality and the type of items they display on their car.  
Recently, I’ve noticed a new type of bumper sticker.  It used to be easy to read stickers from a slight distance, but things have changed. Riddle me this: How did the trend toward the three-letter bumper sticker originate? I know that you’ve seen them. Quite often, I don’t know what the letters represent, and I can barely read the tiny printed names of whatever beach, school or business is listed below the letters.  Are these drivers all members of a of cool, secret three-letter bumper sticker club?  If that’s what’s going on, then count me in.  I’ll put a sticker on my car that reads “CRS.”  Figure that one out.  It stands for Can’t Read Your Sticker!  I know, you’re only allowed three words, one for each letter.  I just threw “your” in there to shake things up—blame it on the rebel in me.    
If you think that this is a fluff topic, rest assured bumper sticker discussions can get deep.  Check out  this video:

I bet you’ll never see bumper stickers the same way again.

The other day I saw a lady driving a van with humongous, pink Easter bunny ears attached to her van.  What a whimsical woman!  Have any funny or interesting bumper stickers recently caught your eye?   


Anonymous said...

While I find the blog entry amusing, I think the guy in the video needs to get serious; trying to psychoanalyze bumper stickers. What if the car is a used car with a bumper stiucker that was place on the car by the previous owner? Can we now judge the driver? Gimme a break!

Bethanie said...

Hmmm, Anonymous. Just curious, what does your bumper sticker say?

Anonymous said...

I saw a sticker yesterday: in large print: "3:16" in small print below, it says: "The Numbers of Hope." I know what it means, do you?

Bethanie said...

Ahh, I've never seen that one. Looks like it's John 3:16,all about the greatest love and sacrifice.

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