Monday, December 24, 2018

Not Happier

If someone asked you to name things that make you happy, you might say eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, sleeping in on a weekday morning, or spending a sunny day at the beach. All three can make us smile—temporarily. Once the ice cream disappears, the day’s challenges begin, and the beach trip ends, our happy feelings may subside. We’re left to chase the next wonderful moment, which might be a perfect morning cup of coffee, a throw for the ice cream chills, or plans for a return trip to the beach. Experience, rinse, repeat. Our emotions fluctuate with the moment’s twists and turns. Do any of these experiences offer endless happiness? 

Adventures end, relationships experience ups and downs and few situations provide endless happiness. Maybe it’s better to focus on peace and contentment, since they help us weather whatever comes our way. So, what’s the best way to gain peace and contentment?

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