Saturday, June 24, 2017

That’s What You Like?

One of our kids dislikes vegetables. This week, I heard a surprising comment about a particular fruit, one that we’ve been buying for years. Apparently, now blueberries are the enemy. In fact, our vegetable-intolerant child called them “sweet peas.” Nice. No wonder we have seven boxes of blueberries in the fridge. I’m hoping fruit preferences change soon, but in the meantime, we’d better find a few blueberry recipes. Whatever we dislike today could very well become our favorite thing tomorrow. One day, these guys may grow to love this:    


Some of these items were foreign to me, too, but refer to last week’s blog post for my overall perspective. It takes time to adapt to new tastes, and as time passes, our preferences change. Think about something you dislike. Can you see yourself growing to like and appreciate it in the future?  

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emma bruce said...

Around 2009 I started buying one new food item every couple of weeks - just to expand my horizons.

I think I'm mostly open to trying something that I previously didn't like - most of the vegetables that I hated as a child are now favorites. A lot of it is figuring out how I can do it differently so that I am more likely to enjoy it. I know that I don't like foods that are boiled - so I make use of other options. If I don't find a food appealing on it's own I try to pair it with something to give it more life and excitement.