Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cracking the Code

Many people don’t use can openers anymore since manufactures produce mostly flip-tops cans. That doesn’t explain why I can’t keep a can opener for more than several months. During the past couple of years, I’ve tossed out at least three can openers. I’ve bought pricier ones, inexpensive ones, and name-brand ones—and they keep failing me. I just bought another new one this week. Where do you find a gadget dependable enough to open a can of tuna? Maybe the time has come to buy an electric can opener or switch to flip-top only cans. Some things will work for you and others things won’t. Take a look:  


If we continue to climb stairs or cross bridges leading to dead-ends, we’re not progressing. When conventional methods fail, it’s time to try something new. How will you begin to handle someone or something differently?   


emma bruce said...

It's time to jump in a time machine and get an old can opener; I've had the same one since 1999.

Bethanie said...

I'm envious. Our latest cost about $3. So far, it's good. Maybe the best one yet.