Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Person of Interest


Your physical appearance impacts your personality for bad or for good. For instance, a tall person might develop a strong level of confidence, walking around towering over people. The same circumstance might cause another person to be shy, hunching over to blend in. Physical attributes may dictate who we become, but so many other factors guide us in becoming our best version of ourselves. Listen to what this guy learned:


We limit our potential by overemphasizing how we’re built, where we live, and how the outside world responds to us. Once we’re determined to be our best selves, we’ll find ways to make that happen. We’ll attract supportive friends, find positive environments to shape us, and develop habits and lifestyles to help us to reach our goal. Despite the obstacles in life, good choices allow us to push forward. What’s the biggest thing that will keep you on the journey to becoming your best self?         

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