Saturday, September 10, 2016

Person of Interest

There’s something about a neat space that creates a sense of serenity in me. I wonder if that’s true for people who can sit among scattered papers and cluttered-filled areas. Maybe they’re comfortable surrounded by a mass of stuff. I’m okay with some clutter as long as it’s arranged or stacked, but every so often it’s time to fill up the trash bags and toss things out. I can stand so much ‘til I can’t stands no more (a la Popeye). They say creative types work well in messy spaces, and at least several times a year someone publishes a study to try and prove that theory. Whether you’re neat or messy, this video has something to say about you. Have a listen:


Neat or messy, both sides earned points, and except for the comment about being boring, it’s okay to be either one. The degree to which you’re neat or messy depends on the measuring stick you use. So, are you neat or messy and who are you measuring yourself against?   

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