Friday, August 12, 2016

Oh No! Here It Comes

You haven’t been annoyed until you’ve had to stop on a particular road in our town. See, we have a slew of railroad tracks stretching across our community, but there’s one special track spot you want to avoid. Here’s what happens: You’re zipping along on a sunny summer day with the car windows rolled down. Suddenly, you hear the ding-ding of the warning bell and see the red flashing lights signaling an oncoming train. Of course, you stop the car as the train rumbles down the track. Lo and behold, it’s not any ole train. No, it’s a freight train; the kind of train that transports massive boxes of cereal, soaps, and soup. You shrug and figure you won’t be there long. Wrong!

The train will slowly lumber by while vehicles line up behind you. When the train pauses, you sigh and wonder how much longer you’ll be there. You wait and wait and wait. About the time you consider making a U-turn, the train begins moving again—only it goes backwards, retracing its tracks. And so, you wait and watch the railroad cars you just saw heading right, go left as they lumber back in the opposite direction.  

Unfortunately, I’ve lived through that train crossing at least three times. In fact, to my horror, we approached it this week. The bell rang, the lights flashed, and if the conductor had looked my way, he would have spotted me doing the famous Home Alone face. But, this time was different because within a minute the freight train was gone. Annoying, but not the usual horrifying time. Sometimes, we just have to grin and bear it. Speaking of bearing it, I betcha can’t watch this entire video:


Are you screaming yet? Don’t buy a house in that community. When you’re especially annoyed, what keeps you from resorting to the Home Alone face?

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