Saturday, June 4, 2016

Password to Paradise

Mistyped passwords cause problems. This week, after trying to access one of our family accounts, I just couldn’t open it. For some reason, my husband opened it on the first or second attempts. Once I finally got the password working, my family offered to celebrate my “big accomplishment” with a special dinner. They’re funny people. Maybe I should have saved time by changing the password and keeping it undercover for a few days.     

Whenever you start a new account, you need to create a fresh password—unless you commit the big security no-no by using the same code for everything. Regardless of the codes we enter, if we don’t know the right password, we’re in big trouble. Watch how they affect us:

The guy outlined several of our most frustrating password challenges. If you could create the perfect password to access joy and happiness, what would it look like?

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