Friday, April 29, 2016

Costly and Cheap Thrills

Some of the places we visit will either thrill us or chill us. In Baltimore last week, I enjoyed roaming along the Harbor, visiting shops and people-watching. Like any touristy spot featuring food and entertainment, there were a few interesting sights. I was slightly surprised to see the Cat in the Hat holding an umbrella over his head (it wasn’t raining), maneuvering through the crowds like a cat on a mission. But, even more shocking was the man walking a dog—and an alpaca. With no petting zoo in sight, I didn’t expect to see a fluffy alpaca strolling down the city street, looking like a person dressed in a costume. There’s no guessing what we’ll find once we leave home. Check out these urban surprises:

And I thought it was weird seeing an alpaca on the street. Before you consider visiting this area, be familiar with how to stay safe. Public displays of affection, immodest clothing, swearing, and riding in a car with unrelated members of the opposite gender can cost you jail time. Everything that looks spectacular isn’t always the safest, especially if you enjoy your freedom. What are you considering giving up because the thrill costs too much?

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