Friday, January 22, 2016

The Roads We Take

A tear across the top and a rip down the bag’s side exposed the chocolate squares inside. Our kids commented on how the bag looked damaged. I decided to confess. In my defense, if the scissors hadn’t disappeared from the drawer after the last school project, I would have used them to make a clean cut. But, while trying to open the most securely-packaged brand of chocolate, I reached for an alternative tool--a screwdriver. I had to open the bag because, after all, we are talking about chocolate. When we resort to haphazard shortcuts, life gets messy. Here’s one man’s perspective:


If we want good grades, we’ll spend time attending classes and studying hard. If we want healthy relationships, we’ll search for positive people who will be good friends. If I trudged upstairs to get the second pair of scissors instead of opening a bag with a screwdriver, there wouldn’t have been an issue.
When tempted to take a shortcut, what makes you take a longer or more difficult route?


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