Friday, July 17, 2015

Calories? They’re Worth It

How much do you like breakfast? Would you eat it several times a day? I bet you’re wondering, “Who does that?” Well, on a trip to the west coast, our family ate breakfast three times.

 We picked up the first meal at a local convenience store on the way to an early morning flight. Several hours later, after boarding the plane, the airline served “breakfast.” The flight was wonderful. The breakfast? Not so much.
The flight attendant offered us a choice of a cheese blintz or quiche. It was a lose-lose proposition. Do people still eat cheese blintzes? I chose the quiche, which seemed to be a mixture of egg and the crust that’s usually found under the egg. Believe me, the texture of blended egg and flour didn’t work. To be fair, I did like the fruit, the biscuit, and beverages.

We ate our third breakfast during a brief layover in Arizona. When I say “we,” I’m referring to   my family. While it was ten-thirty in the morning in Arizona, it was lunchtime on the east coast.  I bucked the trend and ordered a tuna sandwich, but we laughed as the rest of the family ordered pancakes. So, that’s how we squeezed in three breakfasts. In additional to the food, guess what else we enjoyed?

We didn’t plan to eat that many breakfasts. It just happened. Although great things can happen by accident, they’re often the result of intentional planning. That’s one of my words for the year—intentional. If we want to change, grow, or improve, it’s going to take intentional planning and focused work. Your goals are worth it. What’s your plan for reaching your most important goals?   



the wordsmith said...

Love this post. One of my goals is to invest more teaching time at my church on Wednesday evenings when we have Bible study. I've had to drop some others things in order to do that.

Bethanie said...

That's going to be a win-win for both you and your church. Go ahead and do it! Thanks for your comment.