Saturday, May 24, 2014

Words With Friends

“You can always call.” Call?  Who does that anymore, except for the blue tooth crew who make you think they’re actually talking to you? Last week, I checked several different mapping sites to get reliable directions to an appointment. After that, I asked someone familiar with the location for their opinion before it occurred to me that I could always call the office receptionist for accurate directions. Why didn’t I phone her in the first place?  
I communicate at least weekly with a relative, but we haven’t spoken on the phone more than three times in two years. What’s wrong with the phone? Sometimes a phone call is too much when you just want to pass along a quick thought or funny occurrence without a lot of added discussion. Maybe we should start communicating like this:


Huh? Throughout the video, I switched from thinking the idea had potential to brushing it of as a joke from a Saturday Night Live episode. After the video ended, I researched Tap and discovered that it was a Google April Fool’s Day joke. Was the video character Todd Smith played by LL Cool J? Before you laugh too hard, anyone who knows Morse Code can actually use technology similar to Tap on a cell phone. Let’s sit back and wait for that to catch on. For now, what’s your favorite way to communicate?    

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