Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pigs in Paradise

It’s unanimous! Folks from Maine to Georgia and most Midwesterners have had enough winter weather. We’re freezing here in the States, so how come temperatures rose to almost sixty degrees at the Olympics in Sochi? Apparently Sochi temperatures can hover in the fifties during this time of year. Who knew? Based on the groundhog’s forecast, winter’s sticking around for a while. Wouldn’t a warm, sunny beach feel great about now? They say it’s better in the Bahamas. Let’s see what’s going on there.


Did you know pigs could swim? I guess they jumped in the ocean to escape the Caribbean heat. If you plan a trip to the Bahamas—don’t feed the pigs unless you want a few new friends. Maybe the island’s tourism department will change their slogan to something like this: It’s better in the Bahamas when you swim with the pigs!  That probably misses the essence of the Bahamian experience. The island looks like a little piece of paradise. If it’s not the perfect place for you, where’s your paradise?         


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