Friday, December 6, 2013

The Superheroes

What if I looked like this? What if I had that talent? We spend plenty of time talking about personal makeovers. After eating too many holiday sweets, we may decide to revise our work-out plans to shed the extra pounds. It’s wise to maintain our physical conditions, but problems can arise when we become obsessive about altering the characteristics that make us special.       

While watching the whale scene in “Finding Nemo,” one of our kids wondered what it would be like if people had blow holes. I’ve never considered that before, nor do I think it’s high on anyone’s list of wants—plus, it sounds messy. All of us possess a little uniqueness that makes us stand out. Check out these folks:    


Okay, they might be on the extreme end of the unique spectrum, but all of us possess a useful talent or skill. Instead of enduring long shopping lines and buying pricey presents, what kind of gift can you offer to uplift strangers, friends, co-workers and, family members during this holiday season?   

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