Friday, November 11, 2011

Got GPS?

Raise your hand if you use a GPS. Are they installed in all new cars yet? I have a “mature” vehicle and it definitely didn’t come with one. We do own a portable GPS, but I avoid using it because I’ve heard stories about drivers who faithfully follow directions from the voice in the box and end up in the wrong location anyhow. I depend on directions printed out from the online services, I need to clutch that paper and see my route laid out, line by line.
I’m also bothered by that pleasant GPS voice. When I’m in the car and the voice says to turn right, I feel  we should turn left just to make it say, “Recalculating….”  My husband and I joke that manufacturers should design a nagging GPS so when you miss a turn it yells, “Hey! Didn’t you hear me? What’s your problem? Do you want to be late?” Now that’s a gag gift.  Speaking of gags and directions, take a look at this:

Like the driver in the video, I will ask for help when I’m lost. Usually, after I ask for directions, I discover that my destination is right around the corner. The other day, I couldn’t find the candy section in a store. I looked around for a little while and finally asked a nearby clerk for assistance. Can you believe he pointed to the shelf next to me and there sat the candy?
Sometimes we’re perfectly positioned to reach our destination, but if we click off the GPS and discard those printed directions too soon we'll find ourselves peering out and thinking, “How in the world did I get here?”   
Who or what functions as your GPS? How do you stay grounded and headed in the right direction?


Anonymous said...

i am directionally impaired. i inherited this from my father! i use mapquest, GPS, and friends (and friend's husband!!) to help get me around. it reminds me of the Bible verse that says (paraphrased) two are better than one because when one falls the other can pick him up.
i love those commercials that have a "human" pretending to be the GPS and it purposely makes the driver crash. very funny w/ the "recalculating! recalculating!!" bethany, i love the nagging GPS. someone should create that!!!

Bethanie said...

Isn't it funny that we can put people on the moon and send probes to Mars, but we can barely get a decent set of directions to drive three towns away?

There's nothing like good directions from knowledgeable friends. Thanks so much for your comment!